Our universe just got an upgrade.

Practically overnight, shape-shifting creatures and deadly portals have appeared, made possible by an otherworldly energy that exists not buried in deep pockets underground, but deep inside two children, Roan and Judge Gorey.

It’s a real shame they don’t get along.

To Judge, his sister is a selfish hack who deserves some payback. Roan thinks Judge is nothing more than a mistake that needs erasing. The rest of the world is caught in the crossfire.

Dimond Industries claims a cure to their condition, but at what price? Possession requires containment, and the answer to the mysterious origin of the Gorey children must be found—or constructed. Are the children a product of Nature, or a side effect of experiment?

Will Roan and Judge destroy the world before being given the chance to save it?

“Ingenious premise. Engaging style. Young readers will love this heart-pounding adventure. Right of Capture makes an impressive debut for Deese’s new SF fantasy cycle.” M.M. Buckner, SF author and winner of the Philip K. Dick Award

Right of Capture unfolds in imaginative and unexpected ways. Deese has given us a novel filled with sharp dialog and action. Her main characters, Roan and Judge, are brave and sympathetic siblings, and their story is hard to put down. Right of Capture will capture the imagination of future citizens, scientists, and engineers. I plan to strongly recommend this novel to all my BioBuilders for their reading list!” Dr. Natalie Kuldell, Founder and Executive Director, The BioBuilder Educational Foundation

“Technical and complex, the story unwinds with the fast pace of a thriller, peppered with the nastiest aspects of sibling rivalry and family tension.” Publishers Weekly

“A breakneck pace makes Right of Capture a compelling read. The siblings, their allies, and even their enemies hardly get a moment's respite on the journey to a thrilling, if devastating, conclusion.” Vernieda Vergara, Foreword Reviews

“... a multi-layered, very talented achievement. Isadora Deese writes with ease and pluck. Very nice writing, extremely clever, and a run for your money.” Marcia Ross, author of Layla and the Lake, Semi-Finalist of the 2012 William Faulkner-William Wisdom Novel Competition

“Deese introduces us to characters who are richly human, even when they are superhuman. Their action-packed story sweeps us along punctuated with a few injections of the supernatural. As scientists learn to read and write the code of life, Right of Capture imagines a future where glitches in the code have unimagined consequences...” Barry Canton, Ginkgo Bioworks

“The novel tells its story with myriad narrators, giving the reader a peek inside the mind of nearly every character encountered. Each character is fleshed out and real; their goals don’t begin and end with the plot. ... [A] pleasurable romp through an inventive sci-fi world.” Rachael Skye, MIT Science Fiction Society member

A native of Kentucky, Isadora Deese is a graduate of Indiana University and Boston University Master’s Playwriting Program. Her writing explores the evolving connections between technology, art, and nature that are shaping our near future.

Isadora helped coordinate some of the first iGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machine) competitions at MIT. She co-wrote Adventures in Synthetic Biology with Drew Endy and the Synthetic Biology Working Group, illustrated by Chuck Wadey, which in 2005, was the first comic to be on the cover of Nature.

She is married to writer and historian R.S. Deese. They live in the Boston area with their three sons and two cats.