A Hairpiece Named Denial

S. Sal Hanna

Wipe that smile off your face is a redundant expression,” Alice claims, “for the cheeks of the face are the only cheeks that can support a smile.” Alice, an extraordinary writer of comic prose, is an elderly wealthy widow with no heirs who had kept her wealth a private matter. She crafts a unique plan to give away seven million dollars. A HAIRPIECE NAMED DENIAL tells her story as she unleashes her creativity, generosity, wisdom, and offbeat humor. Throughout the narrative, Alice interacts with a young man who holds a B.A. in Philosophy and wears an Elvis-pompadour hairpiece. She hires him as her “deluxe cleaning lad,” to use her label. Set in a small town on the Great Plains in the nineteen-eighties and beyond, the comic novel harbors serious insights into the human condition.

S. Sal Hanna has published two books with university presses - BEYOND WINNING (The University Press of Colorado) and THE GYPSY SCHOLAR (Iowa State University Press). Besides writing, Hanna dabbles in art. He created large abstract sculptures of metal, stone, or wood.