Best Microfiction 2021

Meg Pokrass, Gary Fincke, and Amber Sparks, editors

The Best Microfiction anthology series provides recognition for outstanding literary stories of 400 words or fewer. Co-edited by award-winning microfiction writer/editor Meg Pokrass, and Flannery O’Connor Prize-winning author Gary Fincke, the anthology features the award-winning author Amber Sparks serving as final judge.

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“One crucial thing that was missing in the world until recently? A single place to celebrate all of the wondrous and wonderful bigness of the tiniest of stories. Much gratitude for Best Microfiction.” Grant Faulkner, executive director of National Novel Writing Month

“Reading these tiny, bright micro-fictions, I can’t help thinking of the scattered, chaotic molecules of coal, buried deep in black earth, compressed into diamonds, an effortless-seeming mine craft, like there’s nothing to it at all. Impossible not to marvel at these micro-fictions, such tiny bright suns as these.” Lex Williford, author of Superman on the Roof

Meg Pokrass, series editor, is the author of six flash fiction collections. Her work has been internationally anthologized in two Norton Anthology Readers, Best Small Fictions, 2018 and 2019, and has appeared in 350 literary magazines both online and in print. She received the Blue Light Book Award in 2016. She currently serves as Flash Challenge Editor at Mslexia Magazine, Festival Curator for Flash Fiction Festival, U.K. and Founding/Managing Editor of New Flash Fiction Review.
Gary Fincke, editor, has published thirty-one books of poetry, short fiction, and nonfiction, most recently, Bringing Back the Bones: New and Selected Poems, A Room of Rain: Stories, and The Killer’s Dog: Stories.
Amber Sparks is the guest editor. She is the author of The Unfinished World and Other Stories, and the forthcoming I Do Not Forgive You: Revenges and Other Stories, both from Liveright. Her fiction and essays have appeared in Tin House, Granta, The Cut, The Paris Review, and others. You can find her most days at @ambernoelle.