Jesus Christ, Boy Detective

J. Bradley

Trapped in the body of boy detective extraordinaire Timmy Hightower, Jesus Christ is forced by his father to solve mysteries no mortal should ever solve. With the help of Timmy's uncle, a fourth generation circus knife thrower/acquitted serial killer Leopold Franz, they search for answers and for a way home.


"Jesus Christ, Boy Detective" by J. Bradley

Heart Like A Starfish

Allen Callaci

Allen Callaci is a librarian, rock and roll singer, and heart transplant recipient. 'Heart Like a Starfish' is his account of that death-defying journey and the healing that follows for both himself and those around him. A portion of the proceeds of the book will be donated to Cedars-Sinai Heart Research Institute where the procedure was performed.


"Heart Like A Starfish" by Allen Callaci

Codex Ocularis

Ian Pyper

Codex Ocularis is the Log Book of a lone Astronaut/Psychonaut/Holonaut in a holographic exploration through space and time to an extremely large planet in the distant recesses of an unknown galaxy. Mimetic in character, it has focused its gaze on the Earth and its water and has consequently created weird and wonderful organisms in its vast internal fluid-filled centre.


"Codex Ocularis" by Ian Pyper

Heiberg's Twitch

Robert Wexelblatt

The fourteen stories in Heiberg's Twitch were not selected for their resemblance to one another, but for their differences in character, tone, and form. Settings range from a Scandinavian island to ancient Chinese courts, from the streets of Hyde Park in Boston to the galleries of midtown Manhattan, from Southern California to Eastern Europe, from Africa to South America-in one story, both continents at once. The stories are populated by schoolboys and poets, dictators and delinquents, college girls and composers, businessmen and scientists. Each tale conjures its own world, has its own language, aims to illuminate a distinct experience, a unique situation. Like human life, the stories in Heiberg's Twitch are comic, sad, pathetic, perplexing, and tragic


"Heiberg's Twitch" by Robert Wexelblatt

Stumbling Out the Stable

Sean Pravica

an irreverent trip down the turbulent backroads of early adulthood. Seamus, a college student with aspirations to hitch hike aimlessly after graduation, grows increasingly unsettled with the vagueness of the future. His friend Jamie, on the other hand, revels in its unpredictability. Together, they party with colorful characters, raise hell at their anarchistic workplace, and wax philosophic about life's hidden glitches. After a series of accidents intersect their lives, the boys stumble to find their footing as it becomes clear that not everything in life can be avoided.


"Stumbling Out the Stable" by Sean Pravica

The Underwater Typewriter

Marc Zegans

'The Underwater Typewriter' immerses us in the ritual of finding and expressing voice, bestowed by grace, in the face of cruelty, chance, betrayal and loss. It arrives as a collection of weathered shards, gathered and turned, through which light and by implication love, bent and at times nearly occluded, passes kaleidoscopically. The Underwater Typewriter's shifting patterns reveal the variety and range demanded of a poet traversing brutal terrain, tempted by but refusing bitterness. Zegans' poetry inverts Browning, finding human possibility in the broken, and discovers life beyond Joseph Cornell's wistful memory compiled in the collage of remaindered things. Listen closely as you read, for sound travels great distances under water.


"The Underwater Typewriter" by Marc Zegans

Closing the Book: Travels in Life, Loss, and Literature

Joelle Renstrom

A collection that explores the intersection of literature and life in personal essays about traveling, teaching, reading, writing, living, and dying. Each essay's narrative arc is formed and informed by the act of reading literature that makes a reader feel like the book she's reading was somehow written specifically for her to read in that exact moment.


"Closing the Book: Travels in Life, Loss, and Literature" by Joelle Renstrom


Tim Kirk

Burnt is a dark multi-generational drama that spans a century of intrigue, murder and good daughters of bad guys. It was originally written as an online serial with chapters published weekly between January 2010 and February 2011.


"Burnt" by Tim Kirk

Crossed Paths: Desperation Squad and the Age of Fortuitism

Kevin Ausmus

'Crossed Paths' documents and explores a slice of the underground art and music scene in the Pomona Valley of California, beginning in the early 1980s and moving into the 21st Century with a particular focus on The Desperation Squad. Highlights include stories from The Warped Tour, America's Got Talent, and lead singer Kevin Ausmus's run for mayor of Pomona (the 'Rock and Roll Mayor').


"Crossed Paths: Desperation Squad and the Age of Fortuitism" by Kevin Ausmus

Mr. Abobaziz & The Nancy

Edward R. Beardsley

A cautionary tale of eroticism, innocence and corruption, and trickery told in 137 drawings. Mr. Abobaziz & The Nancy began life as a storyboard for a film, was transformed into a graphic novel, and is presented here, finally, in paperback form.


"Mr. Abobaziz & The Nancy" by Edward R. Beardsley

The Crazy Creatures Colouring Book

Liz Parkinson

a fine art colouring book from artist Liz Parkinson, features an imaginative slant on Australian animals. These wonderfully creative black and white drawings make perfect colouring pages for little hands and big hands alike.


"The Crazy Creatures Colouring Book" by Liz Parkinson

Cold Earth Wanderers

Peter Wortsman

A science fiction novel set in a completely built up world where vertical values are prized while all horizontal tendencies are suspect. An illicit underground group is hoping to break through to the elusive outside but special agents of the IVT (Institute for Vertical Thinking) are hot on the trail.


"Cold Earth Wanderers" by Peter Wortsman


Don Skiles

This powerful, character-driven tale follows Larry Simmons through several life-changing events as 1957 looms on the horizon. Should he continue his athletic aspirations? Will he be inspired by more poetry? What does high school mean to him? And what is happening with Cameron Mitchell?


"Football" by Don Skiles

Pomona A to Z

David Allen

David Allen takes an alphabetical tour through 26 uniquely entertaining aspects of Pomona, California with this delightful series of newspaper columns that first appeared in the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin. This 10th Anniversary edition, the first time in paperback, includes updates, commentary, and a new introduction by the author.


"Pomona A to Z" by David Allen


Ian Donnell Arbuckle

Fingerless is an engaging story featuring a dynamic transgender protagonist. This compelling novel examines the frustration and confusion in her life as well as an insightful and compassionate exploration of gender, relationships, family, and friendship.


"Fingerless" by Ian Donnell Arbuckle

For Lack of Diamond Years

Caroline Beasley-Baker

An idiosyncratic collection of short poems - most under 20 lines - where questions lead the way. The poems are a mixed set of free verse, unabashed counting forms like the Hay(na)ku and the Elfchen, and a very minimalist version of John Cage's mesostic form, along with a small number of poems based on colors, and a few that steal freely from traditional American songs.


"For Lack of Diamond Years" by Caroline Beasley-Baker


David Scott Ewers

Stevie Ludich stumbles upon an isolated, word-covered dry lake bed in this cerebral and adventurous novel. Petrichor is a well-paced black comedy with a paranoiac dose of science fiction washed over with ruminations on identity, language and the composition of reality.


"Petrichor" by David Scott Ewers

Bugs of the Future Primitive: A Colouring Book

Ian Pyper

A fine art colouring book from artist Ian Pyper, featuring Future Primitive drawings of bugs in various evolutionary and transformative states, collectively and individually, rendered beautifully in black and white and awaiting their metamorphosis into vibrant works to hang upon the wall.


"Bugs of the Future Primitive: A Colouring Book" by Ian Pyper

Lift Your Right Arm

Peter Cherches

The five sequences in Lift Your Right Arm are minimalist novels of sorts – short prose that is mostly deadpan and often darkly humorous. The stars of these pieces are Peter Cherches' unique takes on Everyman and Everywoman—dead or alive—navigating a world in which very little is what it seems.


"Lift Your Right Arm" by Peter Cherches

Tales of a Minstrel

Tala Bar

Follow the adventures of a minstrel named Finbar as he travels around the countryside telling his stories. Tala Bar tells this tale in nine vignettes, discrete stories that paint a vivid and compelling work.


"Tales of a Minstrel" by Tala Bar

Right of Capture

Isadora Deese

Practically overnight, shape-shifting creatures and deadly portals have appeared, made possible by an otherworldly energy inside two children, Roan and Judge Gorey. To Judge, his sister is a selfish hack who deserves some payback. Roan thinks Judge is nothing more than a mistake that needs erasing. Dimond Industries claims a cure to their condition, but at what price? The answer to the mysterious origin of the Gorey children must be found - or constructed. Are the children a product of Nature, or a side effect of experiment? Will Roan and Judge destroy the world before being given the chance to save it? The exciting adventure begins with ''Right of Capture'', the first in a five book cycle by Isadora Deese.


"Right of Capture" by Isadora Deese
$22.95 : pre-order
Shipping date: October 13, 2016

The Anarchist's Girlfriend

Susan Weinstein

The Anarchist's Girlfriend walks the Bowery in early 1980's New York City and absorbs the atmosphere and emotions of those around her. Both mystic and blank canvas, the AG's encounters reflect her society - art, politics, business, religion. Inspired by Dostoyevsky's divine "Idiot," the AG is a clairvoyant Brooklyn Go-Go Girl who designs clothes of the future. Delightfully retro and powerfully prescient, the novel satirizes New York's bohemian underground and the America of any time. The AG's roommates include her beloved Anarchist, a silkscreen artist, who wants to resolve Ireland's "troubles" with organic food, and nihilistic Sandy, a video verite switchboard operator. The story also involves the Llama, who's in the religion business, and his employee, Wayne, a deaf mute journalist with a nose for truth. As passion and hypocrisy erupt in a cloud of dust, character becomes destiny in this novel of ideas. The AG must save her imperiled city. And in the end, innocence is not lost but transcended.


"The Anarchist's Girlfriend" by Susan Weinstein
$21.95 : pre-order
Shipping date: December 11, 2016

Surf Music

R.S. Deese

A book of poetry from renowned poet and author R.S. Deese, whose academic work in global environmentalism and 20th Century World History is unparalleled.


Shipping date:
February 13, 2017

Pelekinesis Publishing Group

The Royal Heart

Greg McGoon

Once upon a time in a faraway land, an heir to the throne is born. The King has a son to follow in his footsteps. But life might not be quite as it appears for this Royal Family. All will be revealed on their child's 16th birthday. Family love triumphs over doubt and together they grow stronger. Join this Royal Family on the path to discovery, acceptance and celebration.


"The Royal Heart" by Greg McGoon

Traveling the Twisting Troubling Tanglelows' Trail

Greg McGoon

They exist in everyone's mind. The parts of us that twist and turn our thoughts into questions and doubts about ourselves. This is a guide through the messy thoughts we have from the day to day, showing us how to be kinder to ourselves and to others as we untangle their paths to a place of self-acceptance and understanding.


"Traveling the Twisting Troubling Tanglelows' Trail" by Greg McGoon