Ian Donnell Arbuckle

Fingerless is an engaging story featuring a dynamic transgender protagonist. This compelling novel examines the frustration and confusion in her life as well as an insightful and compassionate exploration of gender, relationships, family, and friendship.


"Fingerless" by Ian Donnell Arbuckle

For Lack of Diamond Years

Caroline Beasley-Baker

An idiosyncratic collection of short poems - most under 20 lines - where questions lead the way. The poems are a mixed set of free verse, unabashed counting forms like the Hay(na)ku and the Elfchen, and a very minimalist version of John Cage's mesostic form, along with a small number of poems based on colors, and a few that steal freely from traditional American songs.


"For Lack of Diamond Years" by Caroline Beasley-Baker


David Scott Ewers

Stevie Ludich stumbles upon an isolated, word-covered dry lake bed in this cerebral and adventurous novel. Petrichor is a well-paced black comedy with a paranoiac dose of science fiction washed over with ruminations on identity, language and the composition of reality.


"Petrichor" by David Scott Ewers
(paperback) $20.00
"Petrichor" by David Scott Ewers (hardcover)

Bugs of the Future Primitive: A Colouring Book

Ian Pyper

A fine art colouring book from artist Ian Pyper, featuring Future Primitive drawings of bugs in various evolutionary and transformative states, collectively and individually, rendered beautifully in black and white and awaiting their metamorphosis into vibrant works to hang upon the wall.


"Bugs of the Future Primitive: A Colouring Book" by Ian Pyper

Lift Your Right Arm

Peter Cherches

The five sequences in Lift Your Right Arm are minimalist novels of sorts – short prose that is mostly deadpan and often darkly humorous. The stars of these pieces are Peter Cherches' unique takes on Everyman and Everywoman—dead or alive—navigating a world in which very little is what it seems.


"Lift Your Right Arm" by Peter Cherches

Tales of a Minstrel

Tala Bar

Follow the adventures of a minstrel named Finbar as he travels around the countryside telling his stories. Tala Bar tells this tale in nine vignettes, discrete stories that paint a vivid and compelling work.


"Tales of a Minstrel" by Tala Bar

July 2014

Pomona A to Z

David Allen

David Allen takes an alphabetical tour through 26 uniquely entertaining aspects of Pomona, California with this delightful series of newspaper columns that first appeared in the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin. This 10th Anniversary edition, the first time in paperback, includes updates, commentary, and a new introduction by the author.